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The new academy: modern intellectuals are writing their best ideas on Substack

Substack Reads: Beyond the beginner, spite fences, and the stories we tell ourselves

The Active Voice: Suleika Jaouad and Yung Pueblo are creating to live

The Active Voice: Suleika Jaouad and Yung Pueblo—full transcript

Substack Reads: The outguessing game, unleashing chaos, and finding your superpower

The Active Voice: Ted Gioia and Mike Solana are fighting from the fringes

Substack Reads: My godfather the king, why people strike, and the time-travel paradox

Substack Reads: Inside the mind of a collector, and a bookseller’s pilgrimage

A Substack is a book’s best friend: An interview with Luke Burgis

The Active Voice: Robert Reich is pressing the reveal key for society

Substack Reads: The fair that changed America, and hunting the Yorkshire Ripper hoaxer

Substack Reads: Beatrix Potter’s notes, the blessing and curse of European food, and how poetry works

The Active Voice: Ethan Strauss is jumping off a high diving board

Now live: Substack Notes

Substack Reads: All-access Hollywood, last supper in Hong Kong, and the ‘index mindset’

The Active Voice: Alison Roman is bored of Instagram

Substack Reads: A billionaire’s puzzling death, Fosbury flop lessons, and the spring equinox

Substack Reads: The woman who shaped art history, walking South L.A., and how to negotiate

The Active Voice: Patti Smith loves being alive

The conversation expands in Chat, now on the web

Substack Reads: Weekend rhubarbmisu, family estrangements, and how to stink of Zen

Reading Room: Emma Straub’s top Substack reads

Substack Reads: Celebrating 40, out in outer space, and Mars at midnight

The Active Voice: Emily Oster is okay with taking heat from the mob

Substack Reads: Honoring dead species, mental illness among teen girls, and the case for folding laundry

Substack Reads: The ’90s were better, India’s sporting growth, and Shanghai psychedelia

The Active Voice: Etgar Keret is thinking weird thoughts

Substack Reads: The influencer illusion, animatronic groundhogs, and settling the score

The Active Voice: Heather Havrilesky finds life romantic, even when it’s terrible

Substack Reads: Fighting for education, the death of the canon, and unscrollable formats

A new way to say ‘thank you’ to your favorite writers

Substack Reads: Porn conventions, the art of record covers, and the truth about ‘having it all’

The Active Voice: Paul Kingsnorth is happiest on the margins

Private Message from Nicola Lamb: “The best time to start is yesterday”

Substack Reads: Baths as religion, the woman changing awards season, and side hustles that actually work

The Active Voice: Jessica DeFino is revealing the real face of the beauty industry (and it’s not pretty)

Private Message from Bill Bishop: “Things go better when you get out of your own way”

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Substack Reads: Can music be criminal? Plus: relationship mistakes smart people make

The Active Voice: Ted Gioia takes the long view

Private Message from E. Jean Carroll: “Don’t start an affair, start a Substack”

Substack Reads: Dark days, diary of a refugee, and poetry for the New Year

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