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Substack Reads: Your top reads of 2022, liberating Minecraft’s end poem, and disrupting Christmas

The Active Voice: Rayne Fisher-Quann wants your attention

The Active Voice: Joshi Herrmann knows the difference between bullshit and media gold

Substack Reads: Tiny hot dogs, art’s new It Girl, and the power of a good belly laugh

The Active Voice: Doomberg is willing to make some big calls

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Substack Reads: Writing tips from Margaret Atwood, and welcoming the Lohanaissance

The Active Voice: Chris Hedges stands with whatever side is being crushed

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Substack Reads: Six numbers beyond 8 billion, burning sugar, and taking the revenge holiday

The Active Voice: Cheryl Strayed might be whispering your name into a candle

The Active Voice: Glenn Loury doesn’t want to be told what to think

Substack Reads: Diary of an NYC poet, solo adventures, and entering pie season

The Active Voice: Samantha Irby will make you rethink your toilet

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Substack Reads: Fashion-knitting grannies, the rise of Rishi, and ghost stories at bedtime

The Active Voice: Jessica Reed Kraus goes where gossip reporters fear to tread

Substack Reads: Blonde supernova, the deadliest contraception, and wasting gourds

The Active Voice: George Saunders thinks you should watch your mind

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Substack Reads: Sex, lies, and intellectual property; plus: pumpkin pyrotechnics

Substack Reads: Spray-on fashion, jerseys as protest; plus, paragliding with my Uber driver

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Substack Reads: Meet the zoomers, the truth about The Great British Bake Off, and music for the wandering mind

Open thread: Your recommended reads

Substack Reads: More than a queen, Stanford sugar babies, and an AI horror story

Time to read

Substack Reads: The film world’s double standards, Britain’s strictest headmistress, and the future of AI art

Substack Reads: New digital nomads; the defining voice of golden-age pop; plus, the last days of summer

Open thread: Your recommended reads

Substack Reads: The father of the computer age; lost loves remembered; plus, the trial everyone is talking about

Substack Reads: The exotic dancer who snared America’s Most Wanted; coddling in the workplace; plus: the changing face of Mexico City

Substack Reads: Where Netflix went wrong; video gaming’s most controversial director; plus: Is New York over?

Substack Reads: The food trend storming America; plus, the fall of Revlon

Substack Reads: The last field recordists; mis-adapting Jane Austen; plus, how to write a modern classic

Substack Reads: The crypto crash; the most influential art exhibition on earth; plus: in praise of the humble patio

Substack Reads: Rethinking the recession; the end of Boris Johnson, plus: are literary awards over?

Substack Reads: The end of pop culture; high jinks at Glastonbury. Plus: What comes after Roe v. Wade?

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Substack Reads: Why Kate Bush appeals to teens; solstice nights; and chasing pink

Substack Reads: Is dance music finished? Plus: the secret lives of women

Substack Reads: The story behind Sandberg’s exit, long-lost bohemianism, and monetizing your K-pop boyfriend

Substack Reads: Inside Top Gun, pigeon keeping in NYC, and what Shakespeare taught Dylan

Substack Reads: Radical chefs, Hollywood lay-offs, and rethinking the internet

Substack Reads: Christie Smythe, Sam Freedman, and Astro Poets

Substack Reads: Brandon Boyd, Roxane Gay, and Bram Stoker

Substack Reads: Eve Barlow, Lauren Hough, and a reading by Olivia Colman

Substack Reads: Nikita Petrov, Christene Barberich, and Michael Moore

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