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Poor Dear, she didn't know what SIDE people were on? How about the side that doesn't want their neighbors and strangers taking on the mantle of government enforcers on issues that impose totalitarian removal of rights and freedom of speech and medical choice?

Sides? If only it were that easy. People lost jobs, homes, health and family members who they were not able to sit with and visit in homes and hospitals. Families fell into alcohol and drug use and teen suicide increased.

There was a spree of Asian hate crimes directly related to the pandemic response.

Her little mea culpa may have felt like a big step for her but it is so small when we look at the multitude of harm and loss.

She was irate and yelling at hikers on a mountain trail who were enjoying the majesty of nature believing them to germ carrying grandmother killing enemies.


Let her use her angry, fight and might against the true enemy that has causes so much harm.

Yelling about masks! She has missed the forrest for the trees.

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I was hoping Emily would have some words about how she fell into the insanity, and realizes where she went astray. Discrimination is never the answer. As a logical, data-driven person, there were sound reasons to reject the jabs.


This is what I went through because of my personal health choice


It was no small thing. And many people had it worse than I did. Losing their jobs, losing their health, losing loved ones to a product with a poor safety profile. Not to mention broken relationships with family and friends. Social isolation. And the shocking realization that in a country celebrated for freedom and critical thinking we could go so far off the rails and be in complete denial of it, with one-sided media, cancel culture and social media censorship feeding the beast.

This was a terrifying, dangerous and dark era of our history. We need to recognize it as that. Not an innocent mistake resulting in something along the lines of a slight bummer.

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“Shockingly sharp rebuke?” Hardly. Outer played a role in pushing dangerous drugs on her fellow citizens and family. She played a role in people being fired and banned from society.

Now she plays “poor me, people are so mean.”

I actually believe in forgiveness, but she equates that with amnesty. No.

Those who abused their power to do this deserve criminal investigation and trials. And sentences, if found guilty of any of the multitude of crimes that were committed.

Her family, at a minimum, and possibly the public, in Oster’s case, deserve an apology. She has yet to have given one.

The poor me act will only incite more anger. But, her history on these issues has been along that vein, to divide, to say “come along,” and point and continue, “shame on all of you who won’t come along.”

These are the tactics of narcissists and abusers.

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What’s “shocking” is that the author/interviewer and the interviewee are surprised by the response to her amnesty proposal. Folks skeptical of vaccines and mandates generally were treated quite badly by people with the power to do so. The resultant damage, mistrust and anger won’t be assuaged simply by calling for a mulligan.

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Ah yes, the same person that tweeted this:

“Shaming people who haven't gotten vaccinated is not likely to work at this point (or ever).

What will?

Individual family pressure: Maybe Vaccine requirements for things you want to do (domestic air/train travel, work, sports events): Yes.

We can have these without shame.”

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Mar 2·edited Mar 2

Sorry Hamish, if you had any credibility as a writer you’ve lost it.

Emily and everyone like her need to face the music and be Penalized somehow. Admittedly it is damn complicated and all these far left Self-righteous people, without a critical thinking cell in their brain, spewed out anger and hatred toward those of us who didn’t trust a brand new experimental delivery of medication enough to take it.

It only took a few weeks for the information to come out about the health risks of these shots. And everybody with credibility trying to warn the public were shut down, Lost their jobs, were ridiculed and deplatformed/censored.

The wrath of justice must reach every single one of those leftist criminals. How to figure out the level of punishment according to the degree of criminal activity from those who actually took part in mandating and administering these shots all the way down the list to those who used their platforms and position to spew hatred, and offer up suggestions of how we should “deal with the unjabbed”, is not for me to decide. But it must happen.!

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The fact that she’s confused which side people are on drives home the point. Taking sides is such a myopic way of interpreting what’s going on. Whittling it all down to sides really misses the point of what happened. She’s focused on the wrong things, still. And it seems she feels “being on the correct side,” whatever that even is, justifies ill-informed actions. Still no responsibility being taken.

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NO ONE should be taking their parenting advice from Emily. Her Covid fear tactics are full of what is now misinformation!

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“On the left, there were people who felt that the unvaccinated jeopardized untold lives; on the right, there were people still furious about the way they were treated for not going along with the lockdowns.”

This is oversimplified and highly inaccurate on purpose.

It’s non-partisan. People everywhere are upset at the unvaccinated for much more than “jeopardizing lives”, it was never about that anyway, because we know these vaccines don’t save lives. It wasn’t about science either, ever. It was about groupthink and control. And it’s not only the right who are “furious” but lockdowns are the least of it.

Has the writer even read anything about this topic on Substack? You should have commissioned someone informed on the topic for this and done some good rather than spew propaganda. You are pissing in the faces of those who made this platform what it is. This is betrayal. Time to find another platform, seems to me.

No fucking amnesty. Shame forever and prosecution for all who went along with this. It’s far from over. From the actual left!

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Why am I getting this I don’t want to see it

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Stop giving me this substack!!! I don't care who this is.

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Garbage substack!

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