These weekly "Good Reads" is an absolute treasure trove! I only hope they do the same for “Notes” so more writers are easily discoverable. thank you Substack team for curating such an enriching list.

And speaking of exploration, I recently wrote a post about a thought-provoking topic "The Swarm: How a handful of elites control the entire population of the world."

It's a fascinating dive into the dynamics of power and control in our world. I think you'll find it equally captivating, let me know your thoughts.


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I adore the fact that Substack is my favorite Substack. Coffee brewed, candle burning, lamp lit, ready to dive into these reads ☕️ 🕯️ 📚 love that you do these, thanks for sharing!

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There are some gems in this roundup! Also the AMA was so interesting to read and take part in. I was thankful to ask an expert about AI, creativity, and the future. And I got a surprising and optimistic answer to boot!

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There's a crew of readers riding through Substack in an oil rig like Mad Max, kicking up dust clouds and spray-painting their faces, hoping to find an oasis of representation for fiction writers in these newsletters.

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This feels like a highly curated newsletter!

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Saving Things.

Conrad Wainwright: The Poet Laureate of Beauville: Volume Two

(from A Builder's Tale)

Save the whales,

and Save the bees,

Ban the bomb

and Save the trees.

And ban War

and Monsters too.

Save the Earth

For me and You.

You may be certain

The Earth won't care.

It needs no water

It needs no Air

Planet Earth, will twirl

About in space

Until it's Sun explodes

Or is replaced

A black hole, and void

That might suck you in

(Remember people)


There is no God

There is no sin.

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Thanks for the shout! 😌

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A great selection this week judging by the number of new subs I just started!

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@northseafanclub witty, weekly adventures in North Sea swimming

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"Mice seem unwilling to chew through tent walls, and there are no reports of tent-slashing bears—yet," Rookie Mistakes by Gibson Biddle probably my fav. But I so enjoy these posts. It always opens my mind to other things and parts of the world I rarely think about. Thanks so much!

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These are great. I'd be delighted by more sci-fi and horror picks (not my niche, but very interested in the talent I see out there in those areas).

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Reup on 🍃⛽️-https://t.me/bows4daloww

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I'm so CC XXL for going A to a

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Great selection, as usual.

Yesterday a half-year event, the ACX Book Review Contest 2023 has finally ended. A selection of great reviews, both of old and new books. Here are the finalists (16 out of approx. 150): https://www.astralcodexten.com/p/book-review-contest-2023-winners

I, of course, have a bias, since I am one of the finalists (here is my entry, a review for Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning": https://tapwatersommelier.substack.com/p/book-review-mans-search-for-meaning ), but even putting that aside, it's a list of really worthy essays.

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It's unfortunate that all of your recommendations are women authors?

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