Please do one with Justin E. H. Smith -- reading his The Internet Is Not What You Think It Is is utterly illuminating and renews my hope for writing and reading

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I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS as a writer, reader, longtime Internet community creator and citizen. I think about this stuff all the time and can’t wait to listen.

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Just read your piece with Robert Reich. Full transparency, I’m a recovered msm follower, mostly on the right. I’ve always read WP and others for opposing views. With this attitude in mind. I decided to give a read.

Learned some new things about Mr Reich and his commitment to prepare the next generation. I knew he was also a favorite of the left news outlets, as an Economic Expert, to inform the listeners of how the previous administration was destroying the economy. Not sure how any economist worth their credentials and CV, make a statement such as this with a straight face?? I believe he loses any credibility to speak into any of the pressing issue discussed given the below reply.

On the current president

“I think Joe Biden has done a very good job. He’s very steady. He’s accomplished much more than I expected he would legislatively and in every other way. He’s kind of held it together, which is very surprising to me. “ Most people agree the economy (US and world) is suffering and near recession.

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"The best way to learn is to talk to somebody who disagrees with you. Because if we stop talking to people who have different views, then how are we ever going to know what we believe?"

And hours after posting the Robert Reich interview, comments are closed.


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