It is worth emphasizing what barbaric torture 'civilized' men inflict on innocent even brilliant people. Turing was truly tortued; putting him on a 50 pd note can't undo that. Women suffered real witch hunts, Japanese Americans were actually hurtled out of their lives into concentration camps, radioactive bombs were dropped on dense civilian cities, napalm on poor farmers, syphilis injected into Black citizens....et al. Do we never realize that such cruelty will bite us in the end? Will it ever be possible to Learn From Experience? Now trans & immigrants kids, school children across the nation face horrors. Is it hopeless to change ?

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For those of you who love classic movies, watch the best of the best here: https://pdmovies.substack.com/ !!🎥👍

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Alan Kay — lead of the group that gave is the modern GUI and object oriented programming — made enough corrections to one of my Substack posts he essentially rewrote it. Thanks to that it arguably now belongs in a history book about the origins of the modern computer age. Here’s a link: Idealistic Innovation as rewritten by Xerox PARC’s Alan Kay: https://blueoceanthinking.substack.com/p/idealistic-innovation

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You always have great lists - thanks for doing the work! Reframeables podcast is definitely one to listen to that more substack readers should know about - socially conscious self-help…reframing life’s challenges through convos with artists and thinkers… https://reframeables.substack.com/?r=di9gt&utm_medium=ios

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Yep...got one little contribution. Please, don’t forget Cathy O’ Brian Philips, their work is right up there with the sincere. Thank you.

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Thank you so much for making these fascinating selections. I appreciate your work!

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Karen, Does my five dollars a month at your YouTube channel get canceled or what. Please advise me. I don’t wanna miss anything you have to say. Please bring back the recent breast-feeding video. Is that what got you canceled? I’m pretty sure that they don’t necessarily have to say why. But still, What happens to my support for you? Love you woman. Stay strong.

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i am, always, so deeply grateful for this platform & the brilliance to be found here. i wanted to suggest the Out of the Box substack by jennifer rabin as a feature. she consistently treats us, her subscribers, to insightful, diverse, complex, and important essays about all things related to art. she writes to artists and those not familiar with the art world in such a way that inspires deeper dives. i have learned, through her work, the value of collecting art on a budget and have been stretched to make more space in my mind, heart, and home for art that speaks to me.

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I am new to Substack and absolutely love it! I written short stories and continue to write daily brief musings on societal evolution. Did I tell you I love encouragement(hint, hint)! I always subscribe in kind. https://jrichardson.substack.com/

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This is 50" and "Gary's Trip to Hell" talk

Gary Shteyngart, you're expecting a nice nickname from me, that's pretty much letting a rooster lay an egg and a camel through the eye of a needle. Since you're a whole 17 years younger than me, I'll have to call you "bad boy"!

Bad boy, I really congratulate you to see that you wrote a publication called Gary's Journey to Hell 2 months ago! To be honest, I haven't read your novel or autobiographical novel yet. But from between the lines of your " This is 50 " non-fiction piece, I can touch and smell your writing style, philosophy of life, and perception of the world in general. All in all, there is enough evidence for me to call you a " bad boy ". There is an idiom in China called " confess without being pressed ", you belong to the one who confesses without being pressed :

“When I was twenty-something addicted to drink and horse tranquilizer, neither I nor my friends thought I would make it this far. And, honestly, I can't believe I'm still here.”

Look, when the bad boy was in his 20s, he was completely a swinger who had all the drugs, drinking, prostitutes, gambling, and sedatives. There is no friend around who thinks he can become a writer, and he also thinks: " Honestly, I can't believe I'm still here. " It's not wrong to call you "bad boy"!

I have to say that despite his flaws and inadequacies, the bad boy is really admirable for being honest and not telling lies. Even in the privacy of his own physical defects, he dared to speak out publicly :

“And aside from my schlong problems, I really don't feel that old.”

What a true confession! But it is also a pity that you only climbed to 50 last week and your penis is already old! I'm also telling the truth here, I'm 67 years old and my penis is still as good as it was as a young adult. You are 17 years younger than me, and your penis is already old. This shows that you were flirtatious and flirtatious when you were young. Due to the excessive and uncontrolled "shooting", the "weapons" have aged prematurely. This can only be the only explanation.

Bad Boy has an ambitious plan - " I've always wanted to write 12 books before dying, ten novels and two memoir-style books. I've done six so far ". Ultimately, he wants to complete the entire project by the age of 75. While applauding his plan, I must emphasize a very serious point, bad boy if you continue to eat your current diet, your plan may not be realized in 25 years. One of the reasons is that you stand by the supermarket sausages, minced meat, meat rolls, shredded meat, and minced meat counters, holding two bottles of canned meat triumphantly, indicating that you are very meat-loving. Followed by your own birthday party food purchase list:

“I purchased a ridiculous amount of meat from the Smokehouse of the Catskills...I made a groundbreaking sandwich with sable, whitefish, lox, cream cheese, capers, onion, and bacon.”

Judging from the two food photos taken by the bad boy, his main food is still meat, fish, and cream. As a nutrition and health care scientist, I must tell you this basic concept: modern humans have evolved from "carnivorous species" in ancient times to "omnivorous species". In short, the stomach and digestive system of modern people can no longer adapt to the habits of "carnivorous species", they are more suitable for a certain amount of fish and meat, eggs and poultry, fruits and vegetables, grains and beans.

However, the bad boy is still basically a "carnivore species", and with " drinking to 14 drinks a week ", it can be concluded that this is an unhealthy eating habit. Because you are 50 years old, your digestion and absorption functions are constantly weakening, and you can't compare with 20-30 years old. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce meat consumption appropriately. Eating too much meat will cause acidification and toxicity of the blood ( the accumulation of toxins in animals ), and even septicemia. Exhaustion; eating too much meat, the acidity of animal protein will lead to serious loss of calcium in the body's bones, resulting in diseases such as osteoporosis; eating too much meat will cause the protein to be unable to be absorbed by the body, which will lead to the formation of gallbladder, pancreas, and kidneys. stone. The online "What are the dangers of eating too much meat" pointed out:

“More and more experiments now prove that eating too much meat is very harmful to the human body: at least 1 million new heart disease patients are diagnosed in the United States every year, and nearly 600,000 people lose their lives as a result. A study by the American Heart Disease Research Council pointed out that most of these heart disease patients are due to eating too much meat, too little vegetables, and too little exercise. In addition, eating a lot of meat is also closely related to metabolic diseases such as hyperlipidemia and obesity.”

When a human becomes a "carnivore", it will not only cause damage to the body, but also cause the human brain to secrete strong dopamine and abnormal acetylcholine activity, resulting in an irritable mood, strong desire, and affecting intelligence.

("What are the dangers of eating too much meat?" "I wish Singer a good life" https://dh6.ink/nKq5 )

Bad boy, you have a great writing plan, but you don't have a perfect health regimen. It is my sincere hope that you will develop a health regimen as perfect as your writing plan in order to complete your final writing plan. However, if you don't have the latter plan, I can predict that by the time you reach the age of 75, you will have been knocked down by various diseases caused by eating too much meat, or worse. For this reason, as a nutrition and health care scientist, I present to you the "Five Nutrition and Health Concepts" that I have personally experienced. I hope you can "keep your mouth shut, keep your stomach healthy, and write a good book." :

The first idea is that diet is primarily subordinate to health rather than taste and preference.

The second concept is that a person can only absorb and digest the nutrition of one person, but cannot take in the nutrition of three or five people, and the body cannot bear it.

The third idea is that most of the diseases of modern people are caused by overnutrition, not by nutritional deficiency.

The fourth idea is that the stomach is an organ that produces healthy, distributive, and equalizer nutrients, not a mere digestive organ.

The fifth concept is that health comes from scientific, reasonable, and moderate eating habits, not showing off wealth and indulging in overeating and overeating.

Bad boy! I hope you don't never come back from your "trip to hell". I hope you come back well so that you can write more and better books!

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I have spent the past hour trying to UNsubscribe from "Substack Reads" Can't find the unsubscribe button... Please help me, it feels like Hotel California...

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What an eclectic collection of writing

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Thanks for creating this! How about this story to consider sharing... https://jimmydunne.substack.com/p/family

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Interesting to see Selling the Telephone on the same day as I posted about selling the radio telephone before the advent of the mobile phone. These devices were such game changers!

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