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Welcome back to Substack Reads! With 2023 well underway, and a slew of new and exciting Substack publications to share, we can’t wait to get stuck in.
The vast majority of our successful writers were readers of other Substacks first. So if you are reading this, the chances are already in your favor.
The kinda true story of the origins of Substack
The Active Voice: Paul Kingsnorth is happiest on the marginsHamish McKenzie talks to Paul Kingsnorth about the stories we tell ourselves, cultural collapse, and The Machine
Nicola’s story is a story of what is happening across the UK right now: a tale of one person, putting their faith in a platform that allows them to…
Pledges is a simple tool for readers to support the writers they love most
Hello and welcome to another edition of Substack Reads. We have a particularly fruity edition for you today. Read on!
Take a browse through some of our favorite finds across Substack from the worlds of science, money, culture; plus, walking, bathing, baking, and raging
The Active Voice: Jessica DeFino is revealing the real face of the beauty industry (and it’s not pretty)Hamish McKenzie talks to Jessica DeFino about the ravages of beauty culture, her struggles as a journalist in the age of social media, and the ageism of…